Join XG’s Official Fan Club! Let me show you what’s inside the membership benefit “The Box”!

 After getting to know them, I quickly became a big fan and joined their official fan club late last year. By subscribing to the ANNUAL/PREMIUM membership of XG’s official fan club, you’ll receive the eagerly awaited membership benefit “The Box.” This time, since “The Box” arrived at my home in the United States a few days ago, I want to introduce what’s inside♪

About XG’s Official Fan Club “ALPHAZ”


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The fandom name “ALPHAZ” is inspired by the wolf, a symbol representing XG. The name, meaning the leader of a wolf pack in English, embodies the wish that each fan will take the initiative, resonate with XG, and start a new movement worldwide.

Fan Club Plans

The fan club offers the following three plans:

Annual Premium: 12,000 yen (tax included): Includes the membership registration gift “THE BOX,” priority ticket purchasing rights, and other standard contents.

Annual Standard: 6,600 yen (tax included): Includes priority ticket purchasing rights and other standard contents.

Monthly: 550 yen (tax included): Includes second-priority ticket purchasing rights and other standard contents.

I chose the ANNUAL/PREMIUM plan. In fact, I am a member of several idol groups’ fan clubs, but I thought the premium course price of 12,000 yen was a bit high. However, since I became a fan, I didn’t hesitate to choose this plan.
By joining this premium course, I received “The Box,” which I’ll introduce in the latter half of this article♪

Additionally, Payment could be made with an American credit card. The charge was made at the exchange rate in Japanese yen on the day I joined the fan club, which was about $70 in my case. Thanks to the weaker yen, I felt like I got a bit of a deal (I am Japanese).

Exclusive Content and Features

News: Get the latest information exclusive to ALPHAZ members. (You’ll also receive notifications when XG uploads a video to their official YouTube site.)

Multilingual Support: The fan community supports a wide range of languages (Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, and Korean).

Blog: See many facets of the XG members’ everyday lives and moments between work that fans want to see.

Movie: Exclusive video content for fan club members only. XG House: A place where fans can communicate about various XG topics. XG members also participate irregularly!!

Member ID: A digital ID that changes according to member status, reflecting engagement and loyalty.

Magazine: A digital magazine full of special photos and exclusive content. You can also read interview articles.

ALPHAZ Exclusive Shop: Access to limited edition items and early purchasing.

Gifts: Giveaways and special prizes for ALPHAZ members.

After joining for a few months, I can see the effort to keep fans entertained with almost daily updates in categories like exclusive videos, magazines, blogs, and more!! The app itself is user-friendly, There is no much bugs, allowing for a stress-free experience.

Fan Club Joining Process

1: Create or log in to your +ID account.
2: Choose your preferred membership plan and join.
3: Download the app

Joining was very straightforward and easy to navigate.

 “The Box”!

This is what’s inside♪
A black envelope and a black box were included.
It arrived about 2 months after joining XG’s official fan club.
Actually, you need to enter your address when joining the fan club, and I live in America.
I was a little worried if it would really reach me, but it arrived from Japan via Yu-Pack!!👏

Here’s the back of the envelope. The XG logo and “XG OFFICIAL FANCLUB ALPHAZ” are written on the bottom right. It’s chic and very cool! I was excited even before opening the envelope♪



Inside the box were stickers, a card folder, a member ID card, and bromides of all the members along with a brooch♪ I want to use them, but I can’t. I put only the member card in my wallet and am still keeping the rest carefully stored in the box.

Here are the bromides of the members.

Just a few months after joining, as an annual premium member of the official XG fan club “ALPHAZ,” I received the long-awaited “The Box.” With a multilingual app, exclusive videos for members, exclusive content that captures fans’ hearts, a community for XG fans to interact, and updates to members’ blogs, the official fan club offers an attractive way to feel closer to XG.
If you’re interested, I definitely recommend joining the official fan club♪
“The Box” is only shipped to annual premium members.